Prophecy given through Barbara A. Williams, September 4, 1999

"Now, be Diligent," says the Lord, "in seeking the Kingdom. Seek the Kingdom," says Jesus. "Seek the Kingdom! Seek the dominion of the King," says the Lord. "Seek the rule and reign of the King. Seek to have Me rule and reign in everything that you do," says the Spirit of God. "Seek to have the King enthroned in His majesty and glory and power," says the Spirit of the Lord. "Seek the dominion and the rule and the reign; Seek the Kingdom to come into your situation. Seek the Kingdom ability and the Kingdom standard, the Kingdom principles and the Kingdom ways to come into your situation," says Lord.

"Seek the things of the Kingdom," says the Spirit. "Seek the Kingdom! Seek it FIRST. SEEK IT FIRST. SEEK IT FIRST! SEEK IT FIRST! FIRST! FIRST! FIRST THINGS FIRST! Seek this FIRST," says the Spirit of God. "And My righteousness; that is faith in Me and My ability. (Not faith in your faith or faith in yourself, faith in your denomination, your church, your pastor, your leader, your religion), but faith in Me," says the Spirit. "That's My righteousness," says the Lord. "Seek Me to come on the scene and believe Me to do these things," says the Lord. "And ALL things that you are asking for and desire will be added to you," says the Lord. "All things will be added because I have an opportunity to come in and rule and reign," says the Lord.

"If the Kingdom is not established and a pathway is not made for My coming and for My appearance and for My ruler-ship and My leadership, then I cannot come and manifest the things that you need," says the Lord. "I cannot come and manifest, even though you pray with many prayers and you ask consistently, and you confess the Word and you do all of these things. If My Kingdom rule and reign is not established," says the Lord, "I cannot come down and manifest Myself. I cannot come and add the things that you so greatly desire," says the Spirit of the Lord. "But the Kingdom must come first," says the Spirit.

"The Kingdom MUST come first. The Kingdom MUST come first, 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done', says My Word. Thy Kingdom come, THEN My will is done. My Kingdom come, and then My will is done," says the Spirit of God. "I come on the wings of your praise and of your worship and of your meditating in Me and your attention given to me," says the Spirit. "Incline your ear to me. Wait patiently for Me. Establish My Kingdom in your midst through your worship and through your praise and through your declaration of who I am. Through right behavior, and right motives, and right thinking and sincere relationship with others," says the Spirit of God.

"Establish that in your life. Establish My Kingdom authority. Establish My Kingdom principles. Establish My Kingdom happenings, and I rule and reign in your midst, and then everything that you need comes out of that atmosphere," says the Spirit of God. "Everything that you desire--all of the 'ADD-PTO'S' will be added-to," says the Spirit of God. "Will be added unto you because you have created a place for me: a proper place where I am in control, where I am in authority, where I rule and My word is supreme and I reign supreme in your midst and in your atmospheres. And in My presence is where the glory is and where the happenings of life are," says the Spirit of God. "Where all of the things that you desire will manifest and will come to pass," says the Spirit of God. "So look up and see Me! Look up and understand that My glory wants to descend upon you, but it will take an attitude from you of obedience to Me, of worship (ushering Me in through praise and attention given to Me) ," says the Spirit. "A preparation of your heart for My coming in," says the Spirit. "These are all Kingdom happenings," says the Spirit of God. "And when you seek to do these things and stay right with me, treat others as I've told you to treat them," says the Spirit.

"Do what's right," says the Lord. "Keep your heart right. BLESS one another. Encourage one another. Strengthen one another in My Word. Love one another," says the Spirit of God. "Then that allows Me to come in and do everything that I need to do in your atmosphere," says the Spirit. "It prepares a proper place for the King of Kings to come in and bring everything that you need and desire," says the Spirit. "It prepares a proper atmosphere for Me to come in and show forth My glory, which is to give you the things that you desire. It's a glory to Me to crown you in many things," says the Lord. "It is a glory to Me to bless you with the things that you desire," says the Spirit of God.

"And so learn that this atmosphere that I demand to be created for Me is necessary that you might receive everything that I have for you," says the Lord. "Few people enter in," says the Lord. "The gate is straight, narrow is the path, few there are that find it," says the Spirit. "But I have instructed you and I have told you the way unto righteousness," says the Lord. "Keep this way clear and keep it straight between Me and you and nothing that you desire is impossible to you," says the Spirit of God. "But prepare the way for me. Prepare the way for the King. Prepare the way in your heart for the king. Prepare the way! ," says the King. "Prepare the way for Me! And surely I will come in and bless you and honor you and give you everything that you desire," says the Spirit of the Living God.