Prophecy given through Barbara A. Williams, September 27, 2003


“Stay focused! If you’re distracted, you’ll miss it!” says the Spirit of God. “Stay focused! Keep your eyes on Me, keep your focus in the Spirit, and stay attentive to My presence when I’m in your midst,” says the Spirit of God. 

“For many of you, your greatest problem is distraction,” says the Lord. “You don’t pay full attention. PAY! There is a price, and it is FULL ATTENTION. You desire the things of My Spirit, you desire good things, you desire pleasant things, you desire blessings, but there is a price to pay, and that is full attention,” says the Spirit of God.

“So stay focused! If you let the enemy distract you, you’ll miss it. If you let flesh distract you, you’ll miss it. If you let one another distract you, you’ll miss it,” says the Spirit of God. “So stay focused that you not miss the greatest event that is going to happen in your life, and that is the advent of My Son and that is the coming of His glory and that is His glory poured out on the earth,” says the Spirit of the Living God.