Prophecy given through Barbara Williams, November 21, 2004

“And the Spirit of the Lord would have you to know that thanksgiving always brings about a blessing in your life.” The Lord would say, “Thanksgiving always brings about a blessing in your life. Bless Me with your words of thanks. Bless Me with your words of praise. Bless Me with your words of thanksgiving, and I will certainly bless you back,” says the Lord. “For whatever you give to Me, I multiply and increase and give back to you . 

“So open your heart wide during this thanksgiving season, for you will see many people saying they are thankful… but to Whom?” says the Spirit. “They will say ‘We are thankful…’ but to Whom?” says the Spirit. “Only the thanksgiving that goes to the One who is worthy of all praise will give you a return,” says the Lord. 

“So when you sit around your tables,” says the Spirit of God, “notice those who says ‘I am thankful,’ but they say not to whom,” says the Lord, but you know the One to whom you give thanks. You know the Maker and the Creator of all things because He lives inside of you,” says the Lord. 

“So give Me thanks, no matter what those around you are doing. Give Me thanks, and I will repay you! I always repay you,” says the Lord. “I repay you in kind, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over,” says the Lord. “So give Me thanks in all that you do. Give Me thanks in everything. Give Me thanks in every situation. And I will return that which you have given to Me. I will give you blessing. I will give you things to be thankful for. And I will increase and send back more of what you have thanked Me for,” says the Spirit of the Living God.