Prophecy given through Barbara Williams, November 15, 2003


“The kingdom first,” says the Lord. “The kingdom first, the kingdom first, (Me first),” says God. “I am the Alpha God. I am the Alpha God. That means I am the First God and I am the Last God,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “Put Me first. Understand what it means to worship Me. Understand what it means to honor Me. Understand what it means to seek Me, and find Me. 

“And when you find Me, I put you in My employ,” says the Spirit of God. “And I don’t fire anybody, and I don’t have any layoffs and I certainly don’t retire anybody,” says the Spirit of God. “For you are employed all of the time when you seek Me,” says the Lord. “But many of you are stuck in things,” says the Spirit. “Things ensnare, things entrap, things entangle, and things weigh down. Have I not said to lay aside every weight, and the sin? Weights are sin,” says the Spirit of God. “Have I not said to lay these things aside, and then run with, patience this race? Run with Me, at a patient pace. Don’t be in a hurry for anything,” says the Lord. 

“If you will put Me first, and run with Me, you will take on My strength. You will take on My ability. You will take on everything that I have for you, and you will run well. I will take care of you, and I will take care of that that pertains to you. 

“I will take care of your children for generation after generation if you will invest in My kingdom, and spend the time with Me. You are concerned about one family and one generation, and I am concerned about many generations of your seed,” says the Lord. “And if you would put Me first, I can take care of all these things and I can show you, (even from heaven when you get there), how I’m taking care of your offspring from one generation to the next,” says the Spirit of God. “For I am concerned about these things and I know what you have need of, and I have a plan for you, and I don’t need any other plan,” says the Lord. “I know what I want you to do. 

“So seek Me. Put Me first. Give Me what’s due. Give Me what you said you were going to give to Me, and that’s your worship. And that’s honoring Me, and putting Me in My rightful place in your life. And see if I won’t add everything that you need! I will add, and give you your needs, give you your wants, and even the unspoken desires that you don’t even know you want. I’ll give you those too,” says the Spirit of God. “See if I won’t do it. 

“But it’s only done one way, and that’s to put Me in My rightful place. I am the Alpha God. I am the Beginning of all things. And I begin everything, and I don’t quit until I finish it. 

“And I’m not done with you; I am not through with you. I’m not through with you in this place,” says the Spirit God. “For some of you look at this place as a place where you’re going to be for a season, or this place is a place where you might not be come this time and come that time… you got all kind of plans,” says the Spirit of God. “But don’t ever put a time limit on what I can do with you in a spot,” says the Lord. “Don’t ever tell Me how much time you are going to spend somewhere, and what you are going to do,” says the Spirit of God. “For I know what plans I have for you, and I know what thoughts I have for you,” says the Spirit of God. “And I’ve got you exactly where I want you to be, and I’m here and I put you here to teach you how to put Me first,” says the Lord. 

“First things first. Honor Me. Have no other gods before Me. Have no other things before Me, and no other desires before Me,” says the Spirit of God. “And I will show you things that you never knew existed before. 

“There is a world called the Kingdom of God, that very few people visit, and very few people abide,” says the Lord. “But I choose you to abide with Me,” says God. “I choose you to come in, and do, and abide, and be everything that I’ve called you to be,” says the Spirit of God. 

“So take this conversation we’re having today quite seriously,” says the Lord. “There are things yet that I want to show you that you can’t even perceive or conceive of right now,” says the Lord. “But if you’ll walk with Me, and you’ll put Me first, and you’ll keep Me in My rightful place, then see what I won’t do for you. See if I don’t elevate you. See if I don’t move mountains out of your way. See if I don’t cause things to flow into your life, into your hand, that are nothing but blessing, blessing, blessing,” says the Lord. “The continual flow and the continual blessing will be yours, if you will do what I require you to do,” says the Spirit of God. “(And there are requirements in this kingdom, and I expect My obedient children to fulfill them),” says God. “And I will be, and I will do, all that you want Me to be and do, if you will do that much for Me’” says the Lord. “If you will sow that to Me, and show you trust Me, then I will give it back to you in ways unimaginable,” says the Lord. 

“So seek Me, and seek what I want you to do, and seek to be involved in things pertaining to Me and My kingdom. And I will add things, years, happiness, joy, money, valuable things, righteousness, children, grandchildren, friends, relatives… All will come to your side and flock to you, simply because you have the character of the King, and you know the things pertaining to the kingdom, and you put those first,” says the Spirit of the Living God.