Prophecy given through Barbara Williams, November 9, 2003


The Lord is saying that He is sending the people. “I am sending the people,” says the Lord, “I am sending the people, but I am sending a different kind of people, to build this place,” says the Spirit of God. “I am sending a ruthless people. I am sending a fearless people. Yeah, a prophetic people, that I am preparing, and I am fashioning out of a new material,” says the Spirit of God. “For the people that I am sending to build this house will be stable people. They will be strong people. They will be committed people, and they will be people who cannot be stopped in anything that they are assigned to do. They will be true soldiers,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “They will have the spirit that I put in them, that is an overcoming spirit,” says the Spirit of God. 

“For this is a day and an hour where people need power,” says the Spirit of God. “And there are certain vessels, new wine skins, that I must prepare, to be fit, able, and strong enough to hold that power,” says the Spirit of God. “And you have been diligent, and you have been prayerful, and you have sown seeds, and you have witnessed, and you have invited people in, and you have called them in,” says the Spirit of God. And I’ve seen your faithfulness, and I have counted it toward your account,” says the Spirit of God. “I count it toward you, not against you,” says the Spirit of God. 

“But I have called this as a unique place, as a unique church, and I have had to discourage those who are traditional in their thinking, those who are slothful in their service to me, and those who are not strong on the inside,” said the Spirit of God. “Because what I am building in this hour has to stand,” says the Lord. “It must stand, and it must withstand, all the power of darkness, all the wiles of the enemy, all the soulish drivings of the heart,” says the Spirit of God. “All of those things must be withstood, if I am to prepare a bride without spot, wrinkle, or any such thing. So take heart, and know, that I know who I am sending, and I have fashioned them, and I have made them out of a new fabric and a new fiber, an overcoming fiber, a strong fiber, a fiber that can stand and withstand, and can stand for me in the days to come and in the hours to come and carry the power that I need to have carried in this earth,” says the Spirit of the Living God.