Prophecy Given Through Barbara Williams May 31, 2009

The Lord says that, "I will repay! Those that have leant to Me, I will repay. Those industries that have leant space for My word to be preached freely, for people who need to hear from Me and have a break from the stress of the work and come into My presence.

"Those who have allowed people to pray on their premises, and those who have allowed people to have a voice there, who are people of God, that wanted to minister to one another… The sick have been healed in these properties," says the Lord. "The lost have received Christ in these properties, and this was the only place (for a time) where they could escape from the seven day work week; They didn’t have time to go out to church; they didn’t have time for many things because they gave that time over to the company. And as they gave that time to the company, the company responded by allowing them time with Me, and I won’t shut these places down." says Lord.

"I am indebted to them. I am indebted to them on many levels, where they have given jobs to people. I am in prosperity, and I have given them many ideas for how to create great things. All of the inventions, the witty inventions are My idea and I’m not going to shut down My own idea," says the Spirit of God.

"So have no fear, I have this in My hand. I’m not afraid of anything, I’m not afraid of poverty. When poverty comes knocking on the doors of Heaven, I just throw money down there and people can prosper again.

"So understand that I have a plan for the recovery of this nation," says the Lord. "For I’ve planned this great nation. I sent people here, who were resisting people who were resisting their worship. I set this place up as a refuge for people who want to worship Me, and I will protect America. I’ll always protect America; I will protect America from poverty, from terrorism… I’ll protect America from everything that would ever come against her, because this is My place."

"And as long as you declare that you are One Nation Under God, you have My full cooperation and My full protection, and I have a plan for full recovery.

"So seek Me for it," says the Lord. "Don’t be discouraged! This can be the greatest time for you if you recognize the opportunity! You have to establish yourself in Me.

"So rejoice and be glad," says the Lord, "because your salvation is nearer than it was on the day you began… it is nearer than it was the day that this trouble first hit," says the Lord. "Salvation is nearer than you can ever believe." says the Spirit of the Living God.

"I’ll come through for you. I am a Faithful God. I’ve come through for people in much worse situations over the centuries… I am a Faithful God. So judge Me faithful. Believe in My faithfulness and Ill come through for you. YOU NEED A MIRACLE? Its not a big thing for Me; just ask Me, and expect it and Ill come through for you," says the Spirit of the Living God.