Prophecy given through Barbara A. Williams, May 29, 2004


Now the Spirit of the Lord is saying to you that when you say ‘Thanks’ to the Lord, He says ‘You are welcome!’ “You are welcome. You are welcome in my presence. You are welcome to what I have already given you and you are welcome to more if you continue in thanksgiving. You are welcome to receive every blessing and every benefit that your covenant provides.”

“So continue to thank Me, and that will take the fear of lack off of you. That’ll take condemnation away from you. That’ll take fear that you have done something wrong and ‘why is my blessing hindered?’ 

“When you give Me thanks, I let you know I respond by letting you know that you are welcome to everything that I have given you thus far, and many more things if you will continue to thank Me. 

“So thank Me in advance for that that you lack. Thank Me in advance for that that has not been given to you. All of these things are being held for you in My hand. But I can only let you be welcome to them when you show Me thanks for what I’ve done for you, and who I am to you and what I’m going to do for you,” says the Spirit of the Living God.