Prophecy given through Barbara A. Williams, May 22, 2004


“Now the Spirit of the Lord would have you know that your breakthrough is within you. Your breakthrough is not an emotional trip, and it’s not a ‘waiting on God to do something for you,’ but He has done all that He’s going to do for you. 

“The violent take it by force and you know that. You know that those who are violent take it by force. The devil took what he took by subtlety, by deception, and deceit. He sneaked up on the man and the woman and caused them to hear things that they thought they heard correctly, but did not hear correctly,” says the Spirit of God. “And this is the trick of the enemy, to help you to hear incorrectly what you think you heard correctly,” says the Spirit of God. 

“And I speak to you in very clear in very certain terms,” says the Spirit. “First one way and then another,” says the Lord. 

“But know that your breakthrough is always at hand. It is within you. Release the obedience. Release the power. Release the anointing. Release what you have bottled up inside of you,” says the Lord. “And you will have a real breakthrough,” says the Spirit of the Living God. 

“You don’t have to sing about it. And you don’t have to weep over it. And you don’t have to get all emotional… JUST BE VIOLENT! HUH!? CAN YOU BE VIOLENT PLEASE? And take by force what you need from the enemy, who has stripped and stolen from all of my people from all time of everything that I’ve told them that they’re supposed to have. 

“And understand how to make violent gestures in the realm of the Spirit. And know that the violent TAKE it! They don’t weep about it. They don’t sing about it. And they don’t dance about it. But they TAKE it! 

“So your breakthrough is within you. There is an obedience that each and every one of you can do. And when the obedience is understood and undertaken, there is an anointing to meet you to break down every wall that holds and withholds from you that which I have promised you,” said the Spirit of the Lord. 

“For the necessities of life, there is a violent breaking, a violent anointing, a violent seizing,” says the Spirit. “I don’t have you wait for the necessities of life,” says the Lord. “That’s not Me. 

“So be violent!” says the Lord. “It is permissible in this kingdom! It is totally permissible that you take by force from the enemy everything that he has stolen from you. And while you’re in there, demand the seven-fold return! Teach him to quit stealing from you. 

“And understand that your breakthrough is always within you. You release it through your worship, through your edification of your spirit, and through your obedience to my command,” says the Lord. 

“And understand this, those of you who think that’s not what you need to do to get it, that’s probably it. The thing that you think is not Me that is yet undone is probably what you need to do to get it. I said, ‘THE THING THAT YOU THINK IS NOT ME IS PROBABLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO GET IT!’” says the Spirit of the Lord. 

“So get! What you need! Be violent! And take it by force!” says the Spirit of the Living God.