Exhortation given through Barbara Williams, May 18, 2003

Some of you here have been programmed in such a way that even the smallest things that God would bless you with seem like impossibilities, seem like great things, seem like phenomenal things, and you know this, you’re aware of it. Some of you have been programmed this way, and you refuse to think like that, but it’s not really been healed on the inside of you. It’s not really been done by God that you’re not that which you’ve been told, or that which you’ve thought about yourself.

Some of you have been raised in a certain way where that the things that pertain to success, pertain to God, have been out of your reach. The enemy put them out of your reach so that they would not be within your grasp, and that’s why it’s hard to grasp them in your mind and in your heart. And the Lord is saying to you that He can heal that, and He wants to heal it, and He wants things to be different from now on. He wants you to have a full understanding and full acceptance of who you really are. And that’s what it is... it’s acceptance of who you really are. Because of things that have been delivered to you inappropriately and in a wrong way and in a perverted way that it’s hard for you to accept the reality of what God says about you. “And it has caused a slowing down in your progress and a reluctance to go forward, and to achieve and to accomplish in Me,” says the Lord. 

Some of you, it’s working in you, and the evidence and the fruit is there because you see you have not accomplished everything the Lord had before. In fact, you’ve failed in some areas. And you haven’t come through, but you refuse to believe that it’s because you’ve been handed an inferiority… in fact many of you fight this so much, that you’ve even developed a ‘superior’ attitude in some things, and that’s not right.

And God wants that healed, and He wants that out of you, and He wants you to feel comfortable understanding who you are, “in a real way,” says the Spirit. “In a real way. In a real way. Look at the fruit,” is what the Lord’s saying. “Look at the fruit. Look at the fruit of relationships, look at the fruit of careers, look at the fruit of family situations, look at the fruit of worship in your life, and you decide. You decide. You look at the fruit and you decide,” says the Lord. “Places where you don’t have the right fruit will reveal to you the source and that you have been handed a wrong understanding of who you are and it needs to be corrected. It needs to be corrected by Me,” says the Spirit of God. “It needs to be corrected by Me.”