Prophecy Given Through Barbara Williams May 9, 2009

"As prophetic people you are allowed to prophesy, you are allowed to declare the word of the Lord by the unction of the spirit into each and every situation that you come into contact with. The bible says that my sons and my daughters shall prophesy and as prophetic people especially, I have ordained that you would speak my word boldly, speak it by unction, speak it in faith, and speak it in courage."

"And there will come time," says the Spirit of God, "where you may be challenged to not speak forth my word and not declare what truth is. But understand that I am with you in every situation, I am with you at all times and your greatest weapon is my word, it is still your greatest weapon on this earth. And I want you to be bold, and I want you to be unafraid and I want you to be unashamed as you declare My glory," says the Spirit of God. "As you go forth and say what thus saith the Lord, as you go forth and say what my word says, as you go forth and bless people in the understanding of what my word can do for them, then I will come upon the scene because I have something to work with says the Spirit of God."

"So be Bold, be Brave, be Encouraged, be Strengthened, for the Lord your God is with you, and it is He that prophesies through you; Who declares healing, to a dying and a sick world… Who declares salvation, to the sinner… Who declares relationship to the forlorn and to the lost and the lonely," says the Spirit of God.

"Declare these things said the Lord; declare these things and I will come for your words. Declared these truths and I will back you up. I will come for your words. And always understand that as a prophetic person you have the Right to prophesy, that is to preach and declare my word and declare what I will do," says the Spirit of the Living God.