Prophecy Given Through Barbara Williams May 9, 2009

"There are some of you who think you have to move in order to prosper. Some of you think that I can't bring what you need to where you are, but watch Me! Just watch Me!

"Just begin to declare My Word. Begin to declare what you desire. Begin to rejoice in Me for what I am doing, for I am always working on your behalf.

"For if you would adopt a spirit of joy and rejoicing, a spirit of thinking prosperous instead of thinking lack, a Spirit of God can bring it to me wherever I am... I am a blessing...'

"Plant yourself as a blessing wherever you are, and surely blessings will come to you," says the Spirit of God.

"For I will cause some places to remain open that would close because of My people; I've done it before, I'll do it again. I will cause some businesses that seem to have run out of ideas to now get a new creative flow. Just watch Me! Just watch Me!"

The Lord is saying, "Watch what I do with the American auto maker. Just watch Me! Watch Me! Watch Me! Because those places that have opened doors to Me, and have allowed people to study My Word during their lunch time, and have allowed people to pray in the work place, and in the laundry room, and in the lunch room, and in the prayer closet in the factory. I have to acknowledge that and I have to reward where there's been obedience" says the Lord.

"And just watch what I do with those seeds that are planted in the dark corridors of the office where somebody has prayed and asked Me for a blessing, and the places where somebody has reached out to pray for a boss that needed prayer, or lead a sinner into salvation, or lay hands on somebody that was sick at work. Watch Me visit those places again and cause those seeds to prosper because they've been planted in places where people needed Me and I will prosper. I will answer those prayers. I will keep those places open, and I will cause them to flourish and prosper again," says the Spirit.

"But the key, is that they would look to Me... And the key for you, is that you would look to Me... not to a place, and not to an opportunity, for I AM The Opportunity," says the Lord. "And I call you a blessed person because you take your blessing with you wherever you go.

"And think not that you have to move in a panic because something seems not to be right where you are; there seems no hope or no possibility of prosperity in that place. But just hold on to My word. Hold on to what you've been praying all along! Hold on, hold on and see My salvation! Hold on, and I will come to prosper you, and I will come to bless you with an overflow," says the Lord.

"For I can turn a business around in a matter of minutes. I can cause it to prosper and to flourish again.

"So look to Me; Not to Washington, not to your legislators, not to the congress, not to the president, but look to Me. And as you look past these natural things, I will give you vision, and I will give you understanding, and I will give you leading into greater and greater things. But don't move! Hold fast! Look to Me, Look to Me, Look to Me, and you will see My salvation."

"All that you are trying to escape, I can remove with one prayer. Just look to Me! Look to Me! Look to Me!" says the Spirit of the Living God.