Prophecy Given Through Barbara Williams March 26, 2006

The Lord has a word for us. He wants us to know that, "He has provided for every need. No more need," says the Lord, "no more need. I’ve designed that My people would not perceive lack and would not perceive need," says the Spirit, "because there is no lack and there is no need in Me, as you abide in Me, trust Me, and obey Me," says the Spirit. "You will not experience need. I did not say that you would have everything at your disposal right away, but you will not experience lack or need in your being," says the Lord. "You will walk as a person who has everything, for I have created you to be one who is fully supplied with no cares, no wants, and no needs and I am the Good Shepherd, and as you follow Me and trust Me, you have no lack and you have no need," says the Spirit.

"Understand that this is an act of your faith and you decide to be a person who has no needs," says the Spirit. "And if you will obey Me, and you will work with Me, and you will do as I command you to do," says the Lord, "and obey Me in the small things and obey Me in the large things. You will walk as a person who is more than a millionaire in this life," says the Spirit. "You will walk as a person who is more than rich, more than wealthy, because you will have Me to supply everything that you need and as you trust Me the supply is here even before you call for it," says the Spirit of God.

"For lack is a bondage, lack is a deceiver, lack is what causes you to move out without Me and then experience lack. If your faith is in lack, there will be lack in your life," says the Spirit. "So trust Me that you have no need," says the Spirit. "Trust Me that you have no need and every need is fulfilled according to My glorious riches, not earth’s level, but My level," says the Lord.

"And if you will trust Me in this way, you will never ever lack, never ever want, but you will have more than abundance," says the Spirit of the Living God. "Lack is a state of mind," says the Lord. "You have the mind of Christ and you are a spirit. You are not a mind, you are a spirit and you have a mind. And you have control over that mind and you can think anyway you want to think," says the Spirit, "you don’t have to think lack anymore, so think wealth, think as I think, think as I have created you to think," says the Lord. "and carry out that which I give you to do and you will have no lack," says the Spirit of the Lord.