Prophecy given through Barbara Williams, March 12, 2005

You know the Lord just wants to exhort you to, “Look to the rain,” says the Spirit of God. “Look to the rain. It is springtime and the winter is passed. The time of refreshing is upon you. And as you look to the rain, remember that there will be showers of blessings,” says the Spirit of God. “There will be showers of blessings. For I send the rain to remind you that I am still God. I send the rain to remind you that I will pour out blessings upon you in a shower,” says the Spirit of God. 

“No more begging, no more wondering, no more thinking ‘Am I worthy?’ No more poor understanding of the Lord. For if you will trust Me and you will believe Me. There are always showers of blessing,” says the Spirit of the Lord. 

“I pour out blessings from My window in heaven as though it is rain upon the earth,” says the Spirit of God. “Look for the showers of blessing. Look for the blessing,” says the Lord. “For those who will seek will find,” says the Spirit. “Those who seek will always find,” says the Lord. “But as the springtime comes, and as you wake up out of the winter and out of the slow season and out of that dormant season, where nothing much grew, and it was hard for you to plant seed, and it was difficult for you to worship Me at times. Understand that the winter is passed, and the sound of the turtle dove is heard, and the showers of blessing are coming to the earth for My people,” says the Lord. 

“Look for the shower. Look for the rainbow. For the rainbow lets you know that I am still God, that I am still Lord of the earth. It means that there is a promise of seedtime and harvest always at work in the earth. And understand that your words are seeds. Your thoughts are seeds. Your worship is a seed. Everything that you do is a seed,” says the Spirit. “And I send showers of blessing. I send the rain, and I cause the seed to bud and grow. Nobody knows how, but I do it. 

“But when you see the rain,” says the Spirit of God, “Rejoice! When you see the rain, don’t run in the house… Dance before Me! Do a dance in the rain!” says the Spirit of God. “Do a dance in that glorious rain. And We will rejoice in that you understand that I am sending showers of blessings… not a trickle and not a little bit, but showers of blessing. I send springtime and I send rain that you might know that I am the God of provision and I send My blessing in a shower,” says the Spirit of the Living God.