Exhortation given through Barbara Williams, March 8, 2003

Some people just need to rest in the fact that they’re where God wants them to be. Because being somewhere and being uneasy about it isn’t going to help you either. So God wants you to know that. Some of you just really need to chill out and accept where you’re appointed for right now, and then allow God to develop you and look forward to being developed in a greater way. God wants you to begin to talk to Him about your ministry or your job in the ministry, and begin to speak to Him; ways you can do things better, more efficiently, with more zeal. Things that you can do that will make your job more interesting for you, that will cause you to really rejoice and be joyful about what your labor is in the Lord, because He wants you to enjoy everything. He’s given us everything in a rich fashion so that we can enjoy it.

Some of you just need to get rid of a bad attitude; just keeping an attitude for no reason. You need to just release it and let it go, and let God have it so you can like yourself better, you can like your situation better, you can endure what you need to endure so that you can do more for God, (because this is an ever-increasing kingdom; you’ll never have less to do, you’ll always have more.) And He wants you to enjoy it, but you can’t be given more to do if you’re not enjoying where you’re at already. And He wants to correct that. 

Some of you just need to be Christians. Quit being fleshy, quit being carnal, it’s not cute, it’s not funny, and it’s not meeting with God’s approval. So you need to just grow up and let that stuff go. Go ahead and be the dull, boring Christian you’re trying not to be. But be one. Get over on God’s side and stay over there so that He can bless you. He can’t bless you where you are. Cannot bless you. 

Lord, you intend to use all of us here. Some of us you’re going to use in such a great way that we can’t even imagine what it is that you’re going to do with us. Father, I just ask you for those of us who are yet hiding from just going flat-out with you, and giving it our best, and giving it our all, and having zeal, that you would strip the resistance off so that we can just go full into what you’ve called us to do. That we would have no stops, and no reservations, no hang-ups, no things hanging on to hinder us from doing everything you want us to do. Father, that we wouldn’t hide behind natural things and natural circumstances to keep us from growing stronger in the Spirit. We can go further and still maintain, and even increase and excel. So Lord, we thank you that we’re going to excel in this, and we’re going to get greater and stronger in it than we’ve ever been… than we’ve ever been… than we’ve ever been. We thank you, Jesus, that we will always grow greater, bigger, stronger, more… greater, bigger, stronger, more… greater, bigger, stronger, more… greater, bigger, stronger, more. That we will press through with that thrust into the earth where we’ll make a major impact in every situation. Every situation, that our impact will be major. No minor things, no small things anymore, but major, major impact. Major impact. Major impact in the earth. Major impact. Thank you, Jesus.