Prophecy given through Barbara A. Williams July 30, 1999

"This is a season," says the Lord, "for the reward of many," says the Spirit. "For the reward of the labor of many who labor in My vineyard," says the Spirit of God. "This is the season where I am beginning to look to and fro to see what plantings are ripening," says the Spirit. "What plantings are ripening that I might come through and I might press from you and press out of you that which I have placed in you by My Spirit," says the Spirit of God.

"And so understand that in this season and in this hour, there is a ripening of the fruit that is on My vine," says the Spirit. "There is a ripening and there is a 'JUST-RIGHTNESS' that I am bringing toward everybody that is in My kingdom," says the Spirit of God. "And so this is a season where there is maybe intense heat on you, intense pressure, intense discipline," says the Spirit of God. "There is an intensity to bring you to this rightness," says the Spirit.

"And so in this season and in this hour understand that I am growing you up and ripening you and gathering you into My barnyard," says the Spirit of the Lord. "That My vats might be full," says the Lord. "That there might be plenty for all," says the Spirit. "That you might press out of you and you might give nourishment and you might give refreshing to many," says the Spirit of God.

"So understand the press and the pressure and the growth in you," says the Spirit of God. "For this is the time of the reward of many because the harvest is upon you," says the Spirit of God. "But I must have a personal harvest in your life first," says the Lord. "And then I will bring forth that and manifest that which you so richly desire. ," says the Spirit of God.

"So stay with it," says the Lord. "Take heart. Do not faint or grow weary in what you're doing for me," says the Spirit. "For I watch and I see and My eyes run to and fro across the earth looking for those whose hearts are perfect toward me. And because I have abode in this place with you," says the Spirit, "that means that you have caught My eye," says the Lord. "That means that you have caught My eye and I see that your heart is perfect toward Me and I decided to stay and dwell in this place and dwell among you and that you would be My people and I would be your God and you would be a friend unto Me in the earth. That you might go forth and you might do My will and might do My bidding and bring refreshing and bring good news and bring blessing and bring peace, bring joy and healing to many as I work on you and I develop you and I bring you to the fruit that you want to manifest in the earth," says the Lord.

"So take heart. Don't be discouraged. Don't be dismayed. For you are in My will this day," says the Lord, "and I am watching you and I will richly reward and richly bless you," says the Spirit of the Living God.