Prophecy given through Barbara Williams, July 20, 2002

"Alertness and sharpness. Stay alert and stay sharp. Alertness and sharpness will keep you. It will preserve you, it will keep you walking in the light as I am in the light," says the Spirit of God. "For My Spirit is alert and it is sharp. For when there were times when I was tired," says the Spirit of Christ, "that I went apart alone to be with the Father, but I never dulled my spiritual discernment. I always knew where the enemy was, and I always knew what he was doing. I always who was against Me, and I always knew who was for Me. I am the Chief Watchman," says the Spirit of the Lord.

"And I know what you go through, and I know what you have against you," says the Lord. "But be alert and be sharp. Learn how to keep the appointments that I give you, because when you keep appointments with Me, you are avoiding danger somewhere else, and avoiding trouble somewhere else. And I protect you from these things because you walk with Me and you stay close to Me," says the Lord. 

"So don't wrestle your way against Me. Don't wrestle your way from Me because the way that is not My way is a way of darkness. It is an obscure way. It is a way that it is hard to find your way," says the Lord. "It is a way filled with more obstacles than you can imagine," says the Spirit of God.

"And many of you are trying and trying and trying to still have your own way," says the Lord. "Well, your way is not the way," says the Lord. "And My ways are not your ways," says the Spirit of God. "So we will have to wrestle this thing out and we will have to fight this thing out, but you will find that My way is the best way," says the Spirit of God. "Because it may not look like the way you want to go, but when you look up after you've gone My way, you get where you're supposed to be!" says the Spirit of God. "And many of you have not had this kind of success ever in your lives. 

"So trust My Way. Trust My way. Keep yourself watchful and alert to MY WAY ONLY," says the Lord. "MY WAY ONLY. MY WAY ONLY," says the Spirit of God. "And that way is prosperous. That way has success. That way has the prophecy that you want to see come to pass. That way and that way alone has everything on it that I've promised you," says the Spirit of the Living God.

"The human will needs much healing to do My will. The human will needs much healing to do My will," says the Lord. "Those of you who have a hard time staying in My will and doing things My way, Ask Me, and I will heal your will that you might do the will of God without fail," says the Spirit of the Living God.