Prophecy given through Barbara Williams, July 13, 2002

Now there are some of you who have a timing problem. Everything's out of synch. It's hard for you to accept certain things in the sequence that God wants them in. It's a timing problem. And your timer has to be reset so that you will accept appointed things in God's kingdom in His order. And you have even been told by people that you're out of time; that you're trying either to do things too fast, or you're not prepared, or something like that. Your timer needs to be reset.

And some of you, I just see a spring shooting out… ya'll just sprung!! You don't know if it's time, not time, if you're out of time, before time… whatever it is, you're just sprung. It's hard for you to gage times and seasons in God because it seems like your life seldom works like you think it's supposed to work. You're just kind of a victim of time or a victim of things, and you're just sprung. (I see one of those wind-up springs in a clock… you're back flipped out and you're "BONGG" sprung out.)

Some of you really just need minor adjustments. Have you ever looked at the tools it takes to fix a watch… they're very small. And it's not as bad as most of you think it is, but you need minor adjustments, and what you need to understand is that the fruit of patience will come to sustain you through the right time. Now some of you don't know patience because when you don't do certain things, you tend to feel depressed, or you tend to get discouraged and let down emotionally, it's a low point for you. And you're afraid to wait, or afraid to let too much time pass because you feel like you're not doing anything. But your timer needs to be reset. It's a minor adjustment, but your timer needs to be reset. And you need to accept that there is a certain order of things that need to be done in your life at a certain time, and when those are accomplished, God is faithful and He will move you to the next step, and He will move you speedily to the next step. 

Now some of you feel like you've lost so much time, you don't want to even think about making it up. So there has to be something in God for you to retrieve time, and to make up time. But when He retrieves time for you, He sets the time in a different time, and it doesn't go like the wasted time that you wasted. He resets your perception of the passage of time. So when you're in time with God, you perceive the passage of time quite differently than when you're out of step with God. And yours is a minor adjustment as well. 

You need to know, too, that when you get in time with God, he does certain things to expedite time. He can launch, He can catapult, He can detonate, He can set-off, and He can cause you to soar. These are all super-ceding the flow of time. So where you've been living, you're wasting time… If you will get with God, He's higher than mach one, or two, or three - He can soar you over into the realm of timelessness, and all you do is begin to grab and retrieve the things that have been stolen from you because of the poor use of time in the past. 

He's the Master of time. You need to talk to the Master of time and the Master clock maker, who can retrieve time and can reset appointments… but once you start walking in His time, you'd better walk strictly with Him because you don't want to be catapulted into something that will fizzle out immediately because you dropped walking with Him. You want to stay with Him. And some of the time that you're going through is Him retraining you how to walk with Him, so that when he launches you, or he catapults you into the time that He wants you to be in… Say, for instance, you feel like you're stuck in 1991 and He wants you in 2002… He can put you in a spiritual sling-shot and zip you right in there, and as you go, you'll pull the things from all the years that have been wasted that you needed desperately to have. But it's up to you from then on in to walk circumspectly (the Bible says) "redeeming the time." It's your responsibility to walk with your eyes on God and perceiving all of the things that need to be done so that you can redeem that time… It can be purchased back to your good and added to your account so that this time it will work for you, and it won't be a waste of time. It won't be a waste of time.

"Time," says the Lord. "Time, time, time, time, time! Everybody's running out of time -- Everybody doesn't have enough time -- Everybody doesn't have enough of something that you need," says the Spirit of God. "And this is merely man's lust, because where I live there is abundance. There is abundance of all good fruit, there is abundance of all gifts, all provisions, there is abundance of every good thing for every good use in the earth," says the Spirit of God. "Where I am, time is no problem," says the Lord. "Time is a commodity that I have and I possess, and I can give more of it to whomever I will," says the Lord. "I can give more of it to whomever I will. I can give more of it to whomever I will," says the Lord. "And you'd better get used to my controlling time, because you're going to see some things happen in the earth that defy time, and I am going to command that you be a part of it," says the Lord. "There are going to be some things that will blow the minds of people around you, because they'll say, 'It looks like time has stood still for this person! It looks like nothing bad has ever happened in this person's life! It looks as though there has been a miracle because God has erased every bad memory and He has wiped every tear from every eye. It looks like they have had a new lease on life again!' 

"And there are some things I still have to bless people with," says the Lord. "But they need to come to the Master Timekeeper, because this is what's confounding many people," says the Lord. "The passage of time, and the continual passage of time with no change. The passage of time, and the continual passage of time with seemingly no change. The passage of time, and the continual passage of time with seemingly no change has bothered man from the beginning," says the Lord. "It has bothered him. But yet, I hold all things in my hand," says the Lord. "I hold all keys, I have all mysteries, I have all answers, and I have the answer to the time problem," says the Spirit of God. "I have the answer and I hold the keys."

"And many of the problems that you face are merely matters of my managing of your time differently if you would come to Me," says the Lord. "For I can do anything that I desire. I can change the times and the seasons. Some of the things that you go through have to do with other people upsetting the time-clock," says the Lord. "But I can straighten it back out again, because I am God. I can do this," says the Lord. "Trust Me because I can do it. 

"And I need to change how you perceive the time that you are given in the earth. I need to change how you perceive the time that you are given. I need to reset your clock, change the way you look at it, change the way you perceive the time that you are given on the earth. And you will make better use of your time, you will use your time more wisely, and you will understand that time is never a factor when you deal with Me," says the Lord. "When you are in My will, it is never a factor. For I have yet to show you how I can supernaturally insert time right back into your hands. I can put it right back into your life. Have I not said that I would restore the years that were eaten away by the thief?" says the Lord. "Have I not told you that? Then why don't you hold Me to that promise? Why don't you put a demand on the Master Timekeeper to change your time, to change your season, to make you productive in every season, to make you fruitful, even in your old age," says the Spirit of God.

"Speak to the Master Time-maker. Speak to the Master Time-maker. Speak to the Master, who has all time in His hands that He might show you how to master your own time, and how to walk in His time, and how to redeem your time so that your time would never be wasted, and would never again be stolen," says the Spirit of God. "For time is best spent in My will. Time is more efficient in My will. Find My will, and you find time. Find My will, and you find sufficient time. Find My will, and you find abundant time. Find My will for you, and you have found more time than you will ever need," says the Spirit of the Living God.