Prophecy given through Barbara A. Williams, July 6, 2003

Thank you, Lord, for helping us to understand you and your covenant ways. We thank you, Lord, for helping us to understand who we are, how to please you, all of these things that are necessary for fellowship and for relationship, Father. We want to know these things. We want to know these things. Father, what relationship does for us as people, for our ministry, for everything in our lives… it just surpasses knowledge and understanding. We want to understand more about your strength and your might and your power that comes through relating to you, Father. We want to relate to you more and more, and then, when we take on your strength, we won’t feel like robbers…

This is what God’s saying: The reason a lot of people can’t relate to relationship, and strengthening, and pleasing God is that it makes God sound too human. But God’s saying, “You were in My image, and I’m showing you more that you are like Me. I’m never like you. This is just something that you’ve never seen of Me before,” says the Lord. “You don’t know that I like My children to please Me,” says the Spirit. “Not just go about your daily routine, not acknowledging Me as a person. But if you’ll acknowledge Me as a person, you’ll be blessed,” says the Lord. “You’ll understand more and more about Me. So be not afraid to draw nigh,” says the Spirit. “Be not afraid to draw close to Me. Be not afraid to get closer even to Me than you’ve ever been before,” says the Spirit of God. “For I will reveal myself to you from glory to glory to glory to glory to glory to glory,” says the Spirit of God. “There is yet much more to know about Me,” says the Spirit. “To be strengthened with My strength requires that you observe Me, you follow Me, you know Me, and you understand Me. 

“And so I want that relationship with you,” says the Lord. “I want that with you,” says the Spirit. “I want that with you so that you can be everything that I’ve called you to be in this earth and beyond. This earth and beyond,” says the Lord. “For knowledge will continue throughout eternity, and learning will continue throughout eternity. So learn of Me. If you’re hungry for knowledge and understanding of Me, you’re on a good road. You’re on a good road,” says the Spirit. “So stay on that road. That’s a road of blessing. That’s a road to miracles. That’s a road to everything that you need,” says the Spirit of the Living God.