Prophecy & Impartation given through Barbara Williams, January 28, 2005

God wants to release is the anointing for the continual blessing in your lives tonight, so Iím going to believe for everybody to receive. 

And the continual blessing is this: There is a revelation and a knowledge and a wisdom that God will impart to you that whenever you have a need, you can activate this and it will work for you to pull you out of trouble. You donít have to go and get a second or third job. All you have to do is release the anointing into your life and God will show you what to do in order to get that release. Sometimes itís an increase. Sometimes itís a pledge. Sometimes itís whatever. But God is going to release that wisdom to you tonight if you will allow Him to, so that you can have that miracle anointing in your life. 

(Rev. Williams instructs congregation to join hands to receive the impartation of this anointing)
Now Father in the name of Jesus, I release this anointing in this place. Let it fall from heaven in these vessels here, let it fall from heaven on these vessels here, Let it fall from heaven on every vessel here. Let it fall from heaven, the miracle of a continual blessing. 

Father show them what they need to do, they can activate it whenever they have a need. They donít have to call the preacher; they donít have to do anything special, it will just come to them. 

Fall in the name of Jesus. Fall in Jesus name. Fall in Jesus name. Fall in the name of Jesus. Fall in Jesus name. The miracle anointing, the continual blessing, the continual blessing, the continual blessing, the continual blessing. Let it fall on every vessel in this place. Their reward for persevering and pressing in... Let it fall on every vessel here. Let it work for them. Lord let them know it belongs to them. Let them know that they have it Father in a special way. We thank you for it Lord.
In Jesus name amen. 

Now the Spirit of the Lord would say to you, ďDonít be shocked and donít be amazed, (because the bible says that in the early church, the people would come and lay money at the feet of the apostles), and donít be shocked that the anointing that you have received would draw money to you. It will draw precious things to you. It will draw favor to you. And donít be shocked, but men will come to you and want to bless you for no good reason. People will be drawn to you and will just say Ďfor some reason I like you and I want to do this for you.í People who have persecuted you will look at you and want to bless you finally because they recognize, because the anointing will cause you to stand out like never before,Ē says the Spirit of God. 

ďAnd there is a grace on you to receive what will be offered to you. Do not refuse it because it is given in My name under My anointing,Ē says the Spirit of God. ďAnd be a good receiver, as you are a good giver and a good sower. Be a good receiver, and donít be shocked now. Donít be shocked that someone would come up to you and bless you. That men would almost throw at your feet the precious things that you sometimes have worked so hard for and thought you could never have,Ē says the Spirit of God. 

ďSo rejoice in that. Rejoice in that tonight this has been released into your life. Rejoice in that it is yours. Embrace it. It is your possession. You will use it at My discretion. But it belongs to you,Ē says the Spirit of God. ďIt is yours that you might possess the precious things of the earth,Ē says the Spirit of the Living God. 

Lord we declare and we decree this is Yours, this is Yours to do with as You see fit to further Your kingdom to spread Your glory throughout the whole earth. Father this is to spread Your glory through out the whole earth. This is a glory offering. This is a glory giving. This is a glory-receiving place, Father. We thank You for Your glory now spread throughout this place in the name of Jesus. We give You all the glory, Father. And we thank You for the glory that Youíve, placed upon this offering Lord. 

And we thank You for the increase, the return, the blessing, the favor that men would give precious things unto us in the area that we desire most will be given to us, Father. That even that thing that has gotten away from us for so long, will finally be released to us, Father, because this is a glory thatís upon this offering and we thank You for it Lord. We bless You and we praise You Father. 

ďJust stretch your faith to what you thought was totally impossible. Stretch your faith out there to the thing that your keep reaching for and it seems to draw away from you. Stretch your faith there, because itís out there for you in glory and this is a glory offering, that you might receive that glorious thing from Me,Ē says the Spirit of the Living God.