Prophecy Given Through Barbara Williams January 18, 2009

And the Lord is saying that, "The year 2009 will be a year where I will require My people to pay the price. I will require My people to pay the price," says the Lord. "Because there is a debt that has accumulated on the earth. This is a fact," says the Lord. "You see it in your government; you see it in governments worldwide. Where people have borrowed against the future and now their bill must be paid," says the Lord. "I said THEIR BILL must be paid," says the Lord. "Because you are not of this world."

And the Lord says, "The more you will keep yourself away from the world, and pay the price of living by the Spirit," says the Lord. "The more you will rise above the levels that this world lives in," says the Spirit. "For the world must pay its debt, because that debt has been accumulated… but when My people pay, they sow seeds, and everything that you sow is gain," said the Lord. "For My Son paid your debts; all you have to do is repent, and righteousness comes upon you again, and you accumulate No debt," says the Lord.

"And let Me repeat that: You are not of this world and you accumulate NO DEBT. But there must be seed sown and there must be a price paid to remain righteous," says the Lord. "To stay in righteousness, to sow seeds of righteousness, so that you can get a righteous harvest… and what My people sow to Me in righteousness will turn the natural debt around." says the Lord.

"And this is the year where I am requiring My people to walk in righteousness, to sow in righteousness, to be diligent in the way that they conduct their lives, and to worship and to honor Me," says the Lord, "That is the price you pay. You pay the price with your spirit and not with your flesh," says the Lord. "And I am requiring My people to come up to a higher standard of living by the Spirit, because you must. Its a necessity because the ways of the world are not working," says the Lord.

"And this is your out. This is your escape. This is your way to escape… You escape into the Spirit, and sow by the Spirit, and thereby pay the price with your spirit, so that your life can blossom and bloom, and you can have a rose that blooms in the midst of the desert," says the Lord. "You can have water out of a rock. I’ll make a way in the wilderness, but the price is paid with your spirit. This is My law," says the Lord. "This is My law and there are no exceptions."

"So know that this year will be a year where I will require My people to be diligently serving Me… Diligently doing what I have commanded you to do… Diligently going about the Father’s business, so that you can sow this earth out of the debt that it has accumulated, and you can live well, and you can have peace, and you can have joy." says the Spirit

"Diligence will pay off," says the Lord. "Diligence will pay off. Be consistently at your Father’s business. Don’t look to the right, or to the left, and don’t look behind. But keep your eyes ahead, and I will lead you out of difficult times. I will lead you into a greater place. My promises are forever, they are not seasonal. You can receive them whenever you pay the price. But the price must be paid now," says the Lord, "because the debt that has accumulated on this earth can only be paid in righteousness, and I call My righteous people to get busy sowing seed to erase what has happened in the earth." says the Spirit of the Living God.