Prophecy Given Through Barbara Williams January 13, 2008

"The NEW year... this is a NEW Year... this is a NEW YEAR," says the Lord. "And a new year always brings new purpose, new vision, new insight, and new understanding.

"And shake off the old," says the Spirit of God. "New years come for new times for new things. This is a time for forgetting what is behind and looking forward to what is ahead. Not looking both ways, but looking only in one direction – and that is forward. Understand that you are given a new year so you that you can forget the former things. Take the things that are building your life and are good for your life... continue on with those, but look to a fresh and a new start this year," says the Spirit of God.

"For many times you can look over previous years and the past year with woe and distain, and I don’t want you to take those things into the next year," says the Lord. "So I give you a new year that you might understand that I am looking at things fresh and new," says the Spirit of God.

"Behold I make all things new," saith the Lord. "And I want you to understand that a new year brings a newness – a new purpose, a new walk with me, a new understanding of Me, and a new freshness in our relationship in all things.

"So look forward to this year," says the Spirit of God. "Keep your face forward," says the Lord. "And I have many things to reveal to you, and I have much to share with you, and much to bless you with in the coming year," says the Spirit of Living God.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" says the Spirit of the Lord.