PROPHECY 2012 - Refining that will Bring New Vision

Prophecy Given through Barbara A. Williams, February 9, 2012

“The Lord is about to take His bride through a refining that will bring new vision and clarity several major areas:

    How we see God
    How we see ourselves
    How we see one another

Great kindness toward one another will be released during this refinement.
Appreciation for the most vile parts of the body will be experienced.

Judgment will diminish and great unity of purpose will overtake the divisions and schisms that were so commonly observed in the past.

Ridicule of the less comely parts will cease and those who have will give to those who have not.  We will have “all things in common.” (Ac. 2:11)

The big “I's” and little “you's” will cease to be.  We will experience the same tribulation and need one another badly to make it from day to day.  Personal walls will come down; animosity, jealousy, ambition and the like will not interest His people.  Only demonstrating His love and will shall be important.

The formerly strong will become weak: the complacent will have new drive.  Dead churches will come alive with the vision that He is alive. Many will turn to the Lord in repentance.  His righteous judgment will level the playing field.  Self importance will bow to true humility.  The dead will be raised in many places where His great love is allowed to be freely ministered and experienced.

His word will be valued, treasured and sought.  The weak will become strong.  A little one will become a thousand---so many souls will be won and converted.  People will not care if your meeting is big, small, nice, not nice... they will come to meet God as He showers His love through His people. The world will see we have much to offer, saith the Lord.