Prophecy Given Through Barbara Williams February 7, 2009

The Spirit of the Lord would say to you, "I am worthy for this... I am worthy of everything that I'm receiving tonight from you. Don't fear to worship me don't fear to enter in," says the Lord, "For I am worthy of every expression of love and devotion and praise that is being expressed tonight. I alone am worthy. I am the only one who can speak to each and every one of you and gather you together in this place. I will pull you from every direction and I have gathered you together that you might witness the miraculous," says the Spirit of God.

"I perform it. You're not here to see a person, you're not here to be entertained... you are here to witness the miraculous. For I have called every one of you from your various places. Each one of you has a testimony," says the Spirit of God. "Each one of you can tell the day, the time, the hour, the circumstance, when you met me. You probably don't remember that much about your spouse... Because I am the one who is worthy," says the Lord. "I am the one who is worthy of all adoration and all praise."

"So lift me up, don't be afraid" says the Lord. "Some of you have expressions that are quiet, some have expressions that are demonstrative; some have inner expressions, some have outer, but I love them all, I love every single one of them." says the Lord.

"Because I've called you from each and every corner that you might hear testimony about my goodness to every human being on the earth. And you have joined a great cloud of witnesses in Heaven. For we in the gallery on High are looking down at you tonight, and you have not had your own worship service, but you have entered into my worship," says the Spirit of God.

"When you hear the song that pulls you in by the Word, when you hear the rap that pulls you in by the Word, when you hear any voice, any song, any instrument, that pulls you in by the Word, you have entered my realm.

"And all the Blood bought are welcome here" says the Lord. "All the Blood bought are welcome here. Those who you would invite in I'll wash them clean and they can enter in too. And I have room at my table for everyone," says the Lord. "There is a great banquet feast that we'll have one day, where you'll meet everybody that I love, and I'll be able to introduce you to one another as brothers and sisters in the Lord. So this is just a sample of things to come, this is just a foretaste of glory Divine in my presence," says the Spirit of the Lord.

"So enjoy it... worship me, enter in, walk out, visit with me says the Spirit of God, for you are welcome in my presence, you are welcome in my presence, I paid for you to be here, you are welcome in my presence. Don't pay attention to the person to the left or the right. I like what you're doing in my presence" said the Lord. "Get free, worship me, praise me, lift me up and I will lift you up and I will bless you, for I am the lifter of every head here, I bring glory into your life because I paid for you says the Lord. And I am worthy to be praised."