Prophecy Given Through Barbara Williams February 3, 2008

"Launch out into the deep!" says the Lord.

Now the Lord is showing me people who have given, and given, and given, and given, and given, and given, and given, and given, and given, and given... and you have given in such a fashion that you're almost weary in giving. You almost feel taken advantage of. It's as though this story was not for you.*

And the Lord is saying, "You missed my instruction for how to get your harvest. I told Peter to launch out into the deep. Step out into where you know the money is. Step out into where you know the provision is. Step out into where you know the opportunity is. Launch out into a place that looks like you might have to swim in order to survive. But if you will launch out there, that's where you can dig deep and get abundance and be blessed," says the Spirit of God. "You have given, and given, and given... but you've been afraid to launch out to collect your return on that which you have sown."

The Lord is showing me people who have a good heart and love Him, but you're afraid of the rolling waves. And the tide rolls back and you go out into the shallow water, and you touch your toe in it... and fear grips you and you run back to shore again. And the Lord is saying, "If you will trust Me and launch out into the deep, I have your reward out there. The shore... anybody can pick up there. Anybody who comes along can casually receive what's in the shallow waters. But only those who trust Me can go out where the is abundance," says the Lord. "There must be a deep, abiding trust in Me that you would go out and get abundance," says the Lord.

"And I can put such a determination and a confidence in you that you are not afraid to launch out into the deep. You're not afraid to launch out... just say, ‘Nevertheless, Lord!' Say, ‘Lord, I'm scared... I don't know what I'm doing. I think this is an open door, but I'm not sure it's an open door, but nevertheless... I'm going to trust You, and launch out into an area that I have not known before.'"

- Exhortation -
...You need the next instruction for where to go. You need to launch out into a territory where you maybe thought you would go before, and know that God is with you. And let it be a fearless thing. There's nothing to be afraid of. It's just a mindset sometimes that we have... just a habit of thinking. And the Word and the anointing have to come in to break those yokes off of us. Some of you have been serving faithfully for such a long time; you've even forgotten you've got seed sown! And you've got to collect it. There's a lot owed you. The instruction on where to go to collect will come. He's got it for you. Sometimes we leave the altar, and we don't know that there's a completion that needs to be done. We got blessed, we heard the Word, but there's got to be something to grow in you and stir in you that's going to move you to go and receive your harvest. Payment is due on demand. And you demand when it's supposed to come to you, and He'll release it to you.