Prophecy given through Barbara Williams, December 31, 2005

The Lord wants you to know that "The provision for the coming year was made before the foundation of the world. You're dealing in your life with eternal provision," says the Spirit of God. "The provision that I have laid up for you this year is not one that will run dry, it is not one that will be short, it is not one that will be lacking in any way. But you must keep yourself in a spiritual condition so that I can get it to you," says the Spirit. "I need to be able to get this to you, so you must keep yourself positioned to receive. Positioned to receive. Positioned to receive.

"2006 is a year where it's important for you to position yourself to receive what I've already ordained for you," says the Spirit of God. "And it will be a blessing to you, and it will bring glory to Me if you can remind yourself that you are no longer asking and uncertain of what I have for you, but you are merely positioning yourself to receive what I have. So let your maneuverings and let your dealings be those of positioning... not to ask, but to receive."

"Position yourself to receive by being a loving, giving, worshipping, thankful child of God," says the Spirit. "Position yourself to receive by being faithful to worship Me, and always be found in the house of the Lord when it's your time to be here," says the Spirit. "Position yourself to receive by always expecting good and not bad," says the Spirit. "If you will expect good and not bad, then good will come to you because bad is always short-lived, but good is eternal. So expect the Eternal out of every situation, and the Eternal will come to you," says the Spirit of God.

"And what is for you is laid up for you. It's stored up for you with nobody but your name on it," says the Spirit of God. "Nobody can claim it for you. You must come to Me and claim it for yourself," says the Spirit, "but it is certainly there. Surely as I live," says the Spirit of God, "I am ordained to bless you. It is in Me to bless you. I am ordered by Myself to bless you. I have sworn to Myself that I will bless you, that I will give you provision, that I have it laid up for you," says the Spirit of God.

"And this is the year that good stewardship will set you far and above your peers," says the Lord. "For those who are not good stewards will still flounder, they will still suffer, and they will still lie in wait and in confusion," says the Lord, "But the good steward will get the reward of good stewardship. And I will say to you, ‘Well Done!' And My ‘Well Done' speaks volumes in the Spirit," says the Lord. "My ‘Well Done' is my seal of approval, and its my mark of favor on you, and it will open every door that needs to be open because you are a good steward with what I've entrusted you with," says the Spirit of God.

"So you will get the reward of faith, of thanksgiving, and of good stewardship, and believing in Me because you are going forth to receive the provision that is laid up for you," says the Lord. "For you have an inheritance in Me, and it is a sure inheritance because I am your Father, and I take care of all of My children royally," says the Spirit of God. "So no good thing will I withhold from you."

"So understand the keys... the keys to ample provision, the keys to understanding that everything is attainable and everything is yours, and the keys to blessing in this year. Let no man say they are concerned. Let no man worry. Let no man or woman fear," says the Lord, "for this day I have told you that I have it already laid up for you... that provision is there," says the Spirit of the Living God.

"Every good work is provided for," saith the Lord. "Every good work is provided for. Every good work is provided for."