2013: "Great Fortune or Missed Fortune"

Prophecy Given Through Barbara Williams, December 30, 2012

“The year 2013 – the number 13 has a significance biblically. The significance has been exaggerated in the world, and the ‘13’ is always said to be an ‘unlucky number’ and a number of misfortune.

The Lord is saying that, “While there is misfortune for some – those outside of my covenant, outside of my grace, and outside of my will – this will be a year of missed fortune. But those of you who love me and obey me even in the toughest of times, that you stay and you stand fast, this will be a year of great fortune,” says the Lord.

“For there are many fortunate circumstances yet to come upon my people,” says the Lord. “And the enemy would have you miss them because of missed fortune, because of error in your steps, deception, snares and traps that he lays for all men,” says the Spirit of God.

“But those who are wise will stay with me and will trust me as the Good Shepherd. For this is the year where my leadership in your life will be of the utmost importance as you watch and see the missed fortune of many. Many will fall on your right hand and on your left, but it won’t come near you. You will just walk through it as on dry ground,” says the Spirit of God. “Your feet will not slip. You will not be fearful. You will not even sense danger.

“And when you look back and you see the destruction that has been in this year in so many areas, you will relish in the fact that you know your God. That will be validation that I am with you, and you will look and you will heed that sigh of relief, and say ‘Thank you, Jesus, because you brought me through a most difficult time that had come upon the earth,’” says the Spirit of God.

“For there will be places where robbery and looting will increase,” says the Lord. “There will be an extension of the war of the rich against the poor,” says the Lord. “There will be much striving even in households, but yours will be a household of peace. Yours will be a household of great fortune if you will listen to me and you will heed my word and you will cling to me and go forth in my power and in my anointing.

“There will be great opportunity for ministry for my people, for there will be a word of wisdom that will come forth from you that will help those that are reaching out to me but don’t know how to find me,” says the Lord.

“This will be a year of beginning of harvest. Harvesting of those who want me and want me of a truth,” says the Lord. “Not the religion that they’ve been fed for so long, but want ME,” says the Lord. “I will stand out – outside of religion. I will stand out in such a way that they will be able to see me through my glorious church.

“So stay with me. Don’t leave me. My hand is not changing. I have an unchangeable hand, and I hold you with the right hand of My righteousness, and as you’re righteous in me, there’s no law against you, there’s nothing that can stop you. You will plow through every difficulty and every challenge because you put me first in all things,” says the Spirit of God.

“So there is great fortune coming for those fortunate enough to hold on to the great fortune that I’ve promised you,” says the Spirit of God. “And yes, there is much to come. Much has not been revealed yet,” says the Spirit of God, “but it will be revealed to those who cling to me and are led by me as my word is declared that if you obey me and serve me, you will spend your years in prosperity and your days in pleasure,” says the Spirit of God.

“This will be a season of great pleasure and great fortune for you,” says the Spirit of the Living God.

“And many of you are sensing it,” says the Lord. “Many of you are seeing small encouragements here and there, and know that that’s the cloud that starts as the size of a man’s hand, and as you follow the cloud, it gets bigger and bigger and you get under it, and there is abundance of rain for those who will follow me,” says the Spirit of the Living God.

“So hold on! Hold on for your help is drawing nigh, and I’m coming for my bride,” says the Spirit of the Living God.

“The new thing is upon us,” says the Lord. “And yes, it’s been difficult, and it’s been a struggle for many of you, but it’s worth it. For things that I could not use have been shaken off and removed, that that which is pure and is godly and is holy can remain. And there is no stopping a holy people. There is no stopping a holy people. There is no stopping a holy people,” says the Spirit of the Living God.