* 2003 * The Year of The King's Character*

Prophecy given through Barbara Williams, December 28, 2002

Some of you have big hindrances, but the problem is little things. You have things in your life you think are big hindrances, but the problem is really a small thing. Simple things like attitude… Simple things like having the wrong understanding of what prophets are doing… Simple things… you don't understand as much as you think you understand. And God wants to bring you understanding in a greater and greater way so that you can move beyond these blockages and hindrances in your life. 

Many of you think you have things of God figured out, and you don't have them figured out right. This is not something you figure; it's something you receive by revelation. And you have not received a revelation of God, and you're operating in knowledge that has not been revealed to you… its knowledge you "figured out." And God wants to correct that, He wants to help that, He wants to encourage that.

Some of you have clay shoes when it comes to moving out for God. You need to be diligent, you need to be on time, and you need to be dependable because you think you're dealing with people, and you're dealing with God. And you're wrong in that. You need to correct your attitude. Correct your understanding.

Some of you give more to the world than you do to God because you don't like to give period. You feel like you don't have anything left when it comes time to give to God and His people and His work. 

These are small things that need to be corrected, but they are seeds and they have a big result when it comes harvest time. During the reaping time, they begin to kill some of the harvest that you think you're supposed to receive from God. And it gets frustrating for you. But you need to find out the source of your difficulty and your mistake.

Some of you work hard unnecessarily. You need to wait on God's wisdom before you step out. But you don't like that because then you can't take the credit for anything. You're going to have to learn to let God have all the glory, and want none for yourself. When you don't want it, He'll give it to you. As long as you want it, you won't receive it. You're wanting it in your flesh, and that's wrong.

All these little things God is coming to correct so that the character of the King will come through His people. He can't have any fleshly impartation, any fleshly consideration; He can't have any flesh dominating anything. Not any more. "So it's time to grow up, and get understanding of what you're here for, and receive what God has for you with joy and with gladness and use it for His glory," says the Lord. 

"This is the year," says God, "that I will be glorified in My people, but there's a price to pay. There is a price of humility, there is a price of bowing down, there is a price that I must extract from you if you're going to have a portion of who I am," says the Lord. "I have to have this so that I can give you what is rightfully yours. If you hold on to it, you will NEVER obtain your full inheritance. You will not obtain your full inheritance.

"So the decision is yours. Give it up and let it go so that I can bless you. Give it up and let it go so that I can BLESS YOU. You give, and you let go so that I can bless you," says the Spirit of the Lord. 

"Servanthood is always fashionable," says the Lord. "It's always fashionable to be a servant," says God. "It's always the right thing to do. Serving is always the right thing to do. Always. Always. Always.

"I will have My way," says the Lord. "I am totally confident in My ability to have My way. I am totally confident to have My way," says the Lord. "Totally confident. Totally confident. Totally confident to have My way," says the Spirit of the Living God.  


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