* 2003 * The Year of The King's Character*

Prophecy given through Barbara Williams, December 22, 2002

The Spirit of the Lord is saying to you that, "in every move of God, every change, every shifting in the Spirit, there comes a different facet of My character that is showing through My people," says the Spirit of God. "And I am moving on the hearts of My people to understand My authority, but also carry it out with dignity. To use the authority wisely, to use it with great grace, with great restraint for the vessel, but to attack the enemy like never before. For My body will have to develop the tenacity of the cobra who clamps on to the devil and makes him let go, instead of getting weary, and tired and distracted, and letting go, and letting him gain strength, and letting him regroup, and come back again. My body is going to have the tenacity of the cobra. And you will know how to strike quickly and quietly. For when the cobra kills, nobody knows he's struck until the victim lies dead.

"And so I will cause My body to come in great tenacity against the enemy, but to be harmless as a dove when it comes to humanity. You can deal with people gracefully by My Spirit. You'll give great blessings to people, show great love, great concern, great compassion, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils. But you will work as people of great secrecy; you'll work as people with great wisdom and great timing in the Spirit. You must know timing by the Spirit as watchmen as never before. You must understand when to move and when to stay put. For just as I put this power upon you, the enemy will stir up and try to gain forces in such a way as to keep you confused as how to use the power. But you can learn how to stay with Me. Let Me work in your inward parts because that's where your treasure is," says the Spirit of God. "The treasure is in your Spirit, and as you allow Me to develop the goodness that's in your Spirit, and to bring it out, and to bring it into manifestation, then I can put upon you the power, the keen eyesight, the keen hearing in your ears, the movements, the timing, the ability to strike and hold on and say the right word and keep the enemy bound. That ability I can put upon you," says the Spirit of God. "I can put that ability upon you as I am able to have access to your heart and your time and your mind and your thoughts. When I have full access to you I can give you fully everything that you need… everything that you need to help Me. 

"And surely you know I'm going to reward you! Surely you know that by now. You know you can trust Me. And I will reward you greatly for being diligent, and being steadfast, and holding still, and holding on, and knowing that I, your God, am the One who fights for you. 

"I need vessels to move on My behalf on the earth, and to move out of the way and let Me have it," says the Spirit of God. "You move as much as I tell you to move, and then move out of the way and I'll take over. You move as much as you know to move, and then move out of the way, and I'll take over," says the Spirit of God. 

"For I will get glory in this earth. And I will have a glorious people here, and they'll know how to work with Me, and they'll know how to carry My dignity and My power," says the Spirit of the Living God. 



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