Prophecy Given Through Barbara Williams, December 5, 2009

The Lord is saying that He is putting the people of the earth to the test. And that includes the people of Detroit being put to the test; being put to the test as the whether they will rely on God, or whether they will rely on things. "And this is always the test," says the Spirit of God. "But I have a people who will obey Me. I always have a people that will obey Me. And these are the people who are walking in abundance through their obedience to Me.

"Search your heart," says the Lord. "Examine yourself. Judge yourself, and you won't be judged. If you will examine yourself and offer up to Me the things that are not pleasing to Me and the things you know need to be corrected, I will correct those things, and I will help those things, and I will allow you to stay on a plain path where there are riches... there are joys forevermore... there is fullness of joy," says the Spirit the Lord.

"For I am directing my people in a path that the lion's whelp has not trod. It is a path that only the righteous can find by My leading," says the Spirit of the Lord. "It is not the routine path that everyone goes to get provision, but it is a path that is created for My people who will obey My word.

"So stay in My Word," says the Lord. "Continue to offer up the things that you know need to be offered up. The things I cannot use will be burned up in the wilderness. The things I cannot correct will be against you, but if you let Me correct these things, and you will let me help you correct your steps, then you will stay on the right path that I have for you; the path of joy, the path of blessing and provision, a path of righteousness where nothing can stop you from being blessed," says the Lord. "Not one thing will stop you from being blessed.

"And thank Me often for what I am doing for you. Thank Me early, thank Me in the middle of the day, and thank Me at night, and this relationship of thanksgiving will bring constant revelation, constant direction, so that you can walk in the right way," says the Spirit of the Living God.

"And Detroit still is a great place. This earth is still a great place. I can bring water in the wilderness. I can bring water from a rock," says the Spirit of God. "I can bring provision out of these buildings that are emptied, out of the homes that are emptied. I can rebuild," says the Lord.

"But I must have a people who will obey Me, and as you obey Me... Stop your murmuring, stop your wishing, stop your wanting, and stop your frustration... and look up to where your help is. Look up and worship Me. Be attentive to My word, and obey My word, and I will lead you out of wilderness into great provision, where there will be no lack and there will be no remorse, and there will only be rejoicing and plenty," says the Spirit of God. "The land flowing with milk and honey is still there; it is still real. And I have a real people that I want to lead into it. But you've got to obey for Me to lead you. I can't lead the disobedient. So if you will submit to that, and submit to the discipline that I've put in your life, you will be led out," says the Spirit of God. "You'll be led out with a high hand and an outstretched arm, and you will receive plenty," says the Spirit of the Living God.