Prophecy given through Barbara Williams, December 5, 2004

We thank You, Father… Every Christmas is the Best one that we’ve ever had, and we thank You that that is going to repeat again this year. We thank You that there is no lack in Your kingdom, that we are citizens of the Heavenly Jerusalem entitled to full provision & full blessing. Father, I that for those that are concerned about how they’re going to get the money for gifts. Father, I ask You to help them to understand that You’ve already got it provided for them. You already have the provision. And Lord, if they would just look up to You (instead of looking down on their circumstances), that they would see the provision and they would know exactly where it is that You want them to be. And so we thank You, Lord, and we bless You and we praise You.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

The Lord is speaking to me. Those of you who are concerned about what you are to give… and the Lord is saying this, “Give the Gift of Christ. This is foremost in every Christmas Season. Find opportunities to tell more people about the Lord. 
Spend time sharing Christ with your family. Spend time finding things with My Word on it to impart to people during this Holiday Season. 

“If you will sow My Word faithfully into people who really need Me… If you will sow My Word faithfully even into those people who are not open to My Word – those family members that don’t want to hear about Jesus… if you will 
be faithful to sow the Word into those vessels, then I will, in turn, return to you such wonderful and marvelous gifts… such open doors… such breakthroughs… because souls are SO very important to Me,” says the Lord, “and you carry Life on the inside of you. 

“So, sow that which costs you nothing accept the giving of it through yourself,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “Sow that which costs you no money. Allow people to drink freely from the fountain of Life, and I will, in turn, give you everything that your heart 
desires, and even more so,” says the Spirit of the Living God. “But I need those who will sow the Word to people, who will tell people about Me, and who will allow people to understand Me in a greater way,” says the Spirit of the Living God.