Prophecy given through Barbara Williams, April 2, 2005

There is someone that is seeking a blessing from the Lord and is seeking favor from God… and the Lord is saying, “make sure you have opened every door to your heart and to your mind... Every door in your heart must be opened, so that I can enter any door. It’s called trusting Me. And if you will open wide your heart, and open wide your mind, and not put any barriers… any restrictions on My blessing, and what I want to do for you, then you will find that these answers come with ease, that they come quickly, and they come in abundance,” says the Spirit of God. 

“For the Lord is saying that many people stand. Many of My children stand desiring blessings and praying for blessings, but they have closed most of the doors that I would enter,” says the Spirit of God. “And I stand at the door, and I knock, and it must be open to Me,” says the Lord. So, He wants you to pull off all restrictions. “Pull out all stops, forget any preconceived ideas about how I might bless you,” says the Spirit of God. “But keep the doors open. Don’t shut them through discouragement, don’t shut them through longing, and don’t shut them through fatigue and fear. 

“But swing WIDE every door… open every window… open every crack… allow every opening to be open so that I can bring in the blessings that I want to bring,” says the Spirit of God. “Those who couldn’t get the sick man (who was borne of four), couldn’t get in the door, so they had to make an opening in the roof,” says the Spirit. “And this is the way I want My children to live: in an open way. Open your heart, open your door, take off all your restrictions, all preconceived ideas, and all ideas and thoughts that you think that you want Me to do for you. But let Me do what I know best to do for you in your life. And surely it will happen, and happen quickly,” says the Spirit of the Living God.