Aubrey D. Williams was born May 5, 1941 in Memphis, Tennessee. He was the only child of Poncestella and Aubrey Williams, Sr.   When he was still a small child, the family moved to Cleveland, Ohio.  Aubrey attended Cleveland Public Schools, and was always involved in school activities.  His first job was that of “banker” for the children’s savings accounts in the school, which he says he “thoroughly loved.”  Aubrey was committed to helping others.  He worked as a camp counselor for the YMCA, and was affiliated with the Glenville branch of the Y.  He seemed to be blessed to have many strong mentors in his life, and learned value of hard work and responsibility.  He graduated from Glenville High School in 1959.


Having earned a football scholarship, he attended Ohio State University, but quit after the first year.  He was married for a short time, and a son Michael was born of this marriage.  Michael now resides in the Atlanta area.  Prior to his marriage to Barbara, another child, Karen Jordan was born to him.  She resides in the Cleveland area.  


In 1973 Aubrey married Barbara Ann Mason of Cleveland, Ohio, whom he referred to by many endearing names.  Mostly known as his “Main Squish,”  “She who must be obeyed,” and “Ball and Chain,” Barbara brought stability and strength to Aubrey and he was her “rock” always encouraging and supporting her in everything she did.  


Aubrey was an avid golfer, and was a member of the Outer City Golf Club of Cleveland.  He took many trips with the club and loved Myrtle Beach.  Barbara sometimes accompanied him and took up the game.  They were devoted to each other, but always had time to be a support and encouragement to their families.  There were no children born to them.

Aubrey was a leader and manager, beginning a career at Baker Lift Trucks. He worked at the old Towmotor Corporation, which soon became a part of Caterpillar Tractor, where he spent eighteen years, rising to the level of Superintendent.  After receiving a buyout offer from Caterpillar, he went to Textron Corporation (formerly Ex-Cello), where he was still employed as director of Human Resources, having spent the past ten years at their New Baltimore operations near Detroit.

In the workplace Aubrey was an encourager and motivator.  Always seeking people who had potential, he gave many people the opportunity to grow, learn, and prosper.  He encouraged them to work hard, and helped many minority and women employees attain their full potential as leaders and all around good employees.  His skills as a negotiator were called upon often as he worked with different management teams to negotiate difficult and sensitive labor contracts.  Being especially adept at interpreting labor laws and contracts, he was able to be a friend to both labor and  management.  


Aubrey confessed Christ as Savior in 1988.  He became committed to the Lord shortly after he and Barb moved to Detroit, Michigan in 1993.  

It was while he was in Detroit that he encouraged Barbara to begin the Detroit Chapter of the Ministry of the Watchman.  

While it was always in his heart to return to Cleveland, it was in Detroit that he began to flourish as a Christian.  

He was a father to everyone in the ministry. 
He was “Daddy Aubrey,”  “Mr. Aubrey,” “Uncle Dad,” or “Papa.”  Everyone in the ministry sought his advice in financial matters, and he could always be seen seated next to Barb at our two annual conferences.  


He and Barb taught their first marriage seminar in April 2002.

Aubrey’s health was challenged in the past two years.  He had cancer surgery and had taken a disability leave from work due to fatigue from
treatments.  He was faithful to the ministry and church, and was a true worshipper of God.  

On July 20, 2002, while leaving church, he collapsed and went home to be with the Lord.  He awaits the arrival of his beloved Barb, and all of his friends in the ministry and the many places he has worked.  He was a dedicated soul winner, and would desire that men would give up the life of sin, be born again, and turn totally to Jesus Christ as Savior.  He found his greatest peace and joy in his relationship with the Lord.



The family wishes to thank their family and friends for their 

unwavering support and encouragement during this time. 

The Testimony of Barbara Williams

Before we got out of bed, Aubrey & I would pray.  We thanked God for a good day, thanked Him for Aubrey’s total healing and for loading us with benefits.


This day, I felt a strong urge to thank God for Aubrey’s miracle.  We always thanked God for our miracles, but this time there was a special, stronger prompting.


On the way to service, I passed a van that had the words, “God is Good.  His mercy endures forever.”  I passed the van, honked, and waved, thanking the brother for the reminder.


After service, Aubrey & I shared a bagel.  Then I went to my meeting with hospitality, while he sat in the back.  Soon Clydell told me he had fallen.  We began to pray.  He asked us to call 911 – he was having trouble breathing.  Clydell & I went to his aid, but in a few minutes, his spirit left his body.  I called for him to come back, but he was gone with Jesus.


The Testimony of Bridgette Jamison

I was so hurt and angry when my uncle passed away.  I could not understand what could have happened.  The Lord revealed to me that it was my uncle's decision. He was very tired, and has been through a lot these past couple of months.  I can remember him saying "I'm getting off the devils hit list," so of course when the Lord asked him, “What are you going do?”  Uncle Dad quickly replied “I'm going with you, Lord.” 


I remembered from past experience with my little boy that the Lord works in the “suddenlies.”  My uncle went on to glory to join my baby and that made my sorrow turn to joy.


From Pastor Terry Johnson of Triumph Christian Center, Farrell, PA

Delivered on July 27, 2002 

Most of us never give much thought to the inevitable moments when we will all grieve the loss of someone whom we respect and love.  I extend my personal condolences to Barbara, to her family, to the family and friends of Aubrey Williams, and to the staff, friends, and partners of The Ministry of the Watchman International.

While I have had the honor of knowing Aubrey, I was not as fortunate to know him as intimately as some of you knew him.  Aubrey struck me as a good man, a man of inspiration, courage, vision, stability, and strength.  Aubrey was a real leader.  He was a father figure who was full of wisdom.  He was an advisor, a mediator, an encourager, and motivator He impressed me as a man of absolutely no pretense.  He appeared to me to be a man endowed by God with humility, one of the greatest virtues that any man or woman can have.

Aubrey is with the Lord now and so, he will not cross over to the next level of the work of this ministry.  Therefore, I want to encourage the staff and volunteers of this ministry with the words of Moses. 

When Moses knew that God would not let him cross over into the Promised Land, he began to encourage those in the nation of Israel who would cross over.  He encouraged them to "Be strong and of good courage.  Fear not, for God WILL go with you.  He will NOT fail you.  He will NOT forsake you."

As we stay the course, we pledge to Barbara that neither will we forsake you.  Your family and friends, Barbara, have come to salute you and to declare that the course that Aubrey and you began will continue.  We will march with you with conviction and faith. 

In Jeremiah 31: 16-17, God said, "Refrain thy voice from weeping and thine eyes from tears; for thy work shall be rewarded and there is hope for thy future, saith the Lord."   We do not cry because we have no hope but we cry because we miss Aubrey and feel an enormous void left only by his absence.

In that Aubrey was co-founder of this ministry with Barbara, his wife, we should preserve his legacy and honor his memory by redoubling our efforts, and reaffirming our obligation to continue the sacred mission of this ministry to achieve all that God has called this ministry to accomplish in the earth.  Only through our unwavering commitment to this objective can we truly honor Aubrey's memory.    In addition, I might add that your commitment to continue the sacred mission of this ministry is the best memorial to Aubrey Williams.

To the staff and volunteers of the Ministry of the Watchman International, I pray that God will give each of you guidance in your respective positions to do your best for this ministry.  It falls to all of you who love this ministry and to all of you who loved Aubrey to do your best to carry on the work he co-founded.

Barbara, many times in your life and ministry you have ministered encouragement, comfort, deliverance, healing, salvation, and even consolation to others who lost their loved ones.  You gave them strength, hope, and love.  You have spent and continue to spend your life for the welfare and good of others.  Now, today we offer you our strength and love in all humility and honor.  Moreover, I pray that God will comfort you through the love of your many friends and love ones.

I want to encourage you Barbara by reading a few paragraphs I excerpted from a Prophecy on your website, which the Lord gave you on September 8,2001.  The prophecy you gave encouraged me, and so as I read this prophecy back to you, I hope it will also encourage you.

The Prophecy

"And so you are My workmanship. I am the Husbandman. And I am shaping you and I am forming you into something that is greater than what you can imagine" says the Spirit of God. "And if you would just stay faithful to allow these things to be," says the Spirit of God, "and if you will judge Me Faithful," says the Lord, "then at the correct rime, the fruit will come forth. At the correct time, the blossom will come forth. At the correct time, the bud will come forth, and then the first fruit," says the Spirit of God. "The first fruit will come," says the Lord, "because of My Faithfulness."

"So if you judge Me Faithful, and you stay faithful in the place that I've called you to, and you allow Me to prune, and you hold fast to Me during bad conditions, during times when there's pressure, during times when there's not good conditions in your life. During those times, if you will stay faithful to Me then I will have respect unto the sacrifice that you are making. I'll have respect unto your obedience, and I will have respect for you, and I will bless you, and I will increase you, I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing to many," says the Spirit of God. "Can a nursing mother forget her small child?" says the Spirit of God. "Then certainly I will not forget you. Certainly, I will not forget you for I am attentive to your every cry and am here to meet your every need."

Juana Lowe of Inkster, MI

Where do I begin!! I remember the food, fellowship, and laughter that followed after a regular meeting or a Sunday Service.

Aubrey would share in the laughter during a teaching Barb was giving. Even when Barb would use their marriage as an example to prove a point or share a victory they had overcome, Aubrey would "add his 2 cents" and have us laughing like crazy!! 

Aubrey looked over my resume for me to help me apply for promotions. (I'm still working it, Healed Guy!)

My most favorite memory of Aubrey: 
I don't remember exactly when he began calling me "the original J. Lowe" or the real J. Lowe" and I began calling him "The Healed Guy." I only remember that this became the way we greeted one another.

These were the last words we spoke to one another on the day Aubrey went home. You see, I have no doubt Aubrey went home healed. He was already healed. He was and is "The Healed Guy."


Jemilla White of Ypsilanti, MI

Mr. Aubrey was like a father to me. My dad was not in my life for a long time, so when I met Mr. Aubrey I really liked him. He was a really nice man. Mrs. Barb, Mr. Aubrey's wife is also a very nice person! She is the preacher of the Ministry of the Watchman. 

I describe Mr. Aubrey as a quiet, nice, funny, loving, caring gentleman.   Every Saturday, which was when Mrs. Barb would preach, every time I would get up to go to the bathroom, He would say, "Hi Jamilla." But that's not how you say my name. This is how you say my name "Je-mi-lla" but I didn't really care. Anyways, you're not supposed to correct grown-ups.

We all miss Mr. Aubrey. It looks like heaven was missing an angel. Mr. Aubrey is now in Heaven, in a better place. We will soon join him. But for now, let's enjoy serving the Lord. 

Mr. Aubrey was like a father to me. 

Shannon Crowley of Macomb Twp., MI

I met Barb in 1991, and began learning from her ministry. In her teachings she always spoke of her husband, but never had an opportunity to meet him until a couple years later when he and Barb let me stay at their home for a weekend so I could attend the Ministry's Healing School in Windsor. Little did I know at that time that just a couple years later, after I finished bible school, that they would open their home to me and allow me to not only learn the ministry, but also learn how a Christian household was to function. I lived with them for 5 years. In that unique opportunity, I learned so much.

To be honest, I didn't have much to compare it to. Their relationship was not like any I'd ever known before. What impressed me most about their relationship was the genuine love, respect, and admiration they held for one another. They knew how to bring the best out of each other. It was so beautiful for me to see, and it brought the best out of me, as well. I remember after one of the night meetings at one of the first conferences, Barb had just preached, and Aubrey was driving me home. He was thinking about the service we'd just left, and remarked, "Barbara never ceases to amaze me!" On another occasion, he and I were at the house, and he was looking at some pieces of furniture Barb had just purchased the night before and assembled while he was asleep. When he woke up he was very pleased with the outcome, and he said to me, "You know, I tease Barbara about spending money. But she can really have anything that she wants, because I KNOW she has my best interest at heart, and she would never do anything to hurt me." That impressed me so much. I will never forget that.

Around the house, he was known as "Papa." It began because he was Girlfriend's Papa. (Girlfriend is Aubrey & Barbara's Lhasa Apso... pictured with him here).   As our relationship developed, however, it became a reality to me.   He became a father figure to me.   Papa always had encouragement and love for me. He did his best to help me in any way he could. I enjoyed the time I spent with him... my talks with him, the stories he told, watching TV with Barb & him (and listening to their commentary on the programs). I enjoyed bringing him home Krispie Kremes after working late at night. (He'd say he'd have them for breakfast, but there was always one missing before morning.) 

He had a sincere heart of love for people. We always took a moment to pray for people at meals, and He would never forget to pray for people on his job, or friends of his that needed to know the Lord or needed to be healed. Anyone in the ministry would tell you that he made every person in the ministry feel special, just by asking "How are you doing?" or checking up on a conversation they had last week or a situation he knew about... "How's your house-hunting coming?... Did put in your resume at that job yet?... How's your son doing?... I missed you last week..." Etc. Etc. 

We had so much fun together, and I miss him so much. I know he's in heaven, enjoying all of the new things there... talking to Paul, and Enoch, and Bro. Sumrall... swimming in the river of life... organizing his mansion just right (so that everything is right where he can find it)... and most of all fellowshipping with Jesus and worshipping God, which he got a lot of practice doing while he was on the earth. He loved the Lord and loved His Word, and he loved spending time worshipping God. Even in the most difficult moments in his life, he found his strength in the Lord, and came to know Him as his Healer and Miracle Working God.

John 16:23 says, "Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you," and Barb always taught that the implication is that if God didn't already have it to give you, He would create it for you. This reminds me of one of my last memories of Aubrey. It was dinnertime (about a week before he left), and Barb had just made some salsa from the veggies she had growing in her garden. Somehow, they got on the subject of hot peppers... and Barb suggested that the heat in the hot peppers came after the curse, and therefore they would not be that way in heaven. Papa vehemently disagreed. He knew there would be a "macho" corner in heaven where he could have his Tabasco! 

Well, if it wasn't there before, it's there now!

Cindy Alexander of Richmond, MI

In remembrance of Aubrey Williams, our friend and family in Christ. 

One thing that comes to mind about Aubrey is his smile. When he would smile, his whole face would light up! 

I met Aubrey at the workplace. Aubrey was head of Human Resources at Textron, and my job was to clean the office. I have known Aubrey for about 8 years.  Aubrey would always look out for me at work. The times when the plant would be closed due to shut down or holidays, Aubrey would always remember me by leaving little notes for me to let me know if I would need to come in to work or not. I appreciated this very much because at times it would be a real guessing game.

Also, it was through Aubrey that I became acquainted with his wife, Barbara, which consequently introduced me to and allowed me to become a part of the Ministry of the Watchman. So Aubrey was very much a vessel that God used in my life. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross.

It started out to be a usual Saturday meeting on the day Aubrey went home to be with the Lord. I remember it was a hot, but nice summer day. This particular Saturday, I was given the assignment to hold a parking place for Aubrey in front of the building. I was never given this assignment before. I stood my watch and waited for Aubrey to arrive while everyone was inside singing and worshipping God. I will remember the vision of Aubrey's great big smile as he approached the parking space. I stood at attention and saluted him, not knowing that in a few hours he'd be leaving us. I look forward to seeing him again. 


Aubrey ~ I will miss you!

Rosalie Krantz of Utica, MI 

My memories of Aubrey go back a ways.

After Barb & Aubrey first came to Detroit, there were occasions to go to their home. Aubrey was always polite, but businesslike. For some reason I felt intimidated. He would make small conversation, & I'd feel like I'd left my brain at the doorstep. But as the years passed, this changed, & I came to know Aubrey as my friend. Aubrey had "class"; I liked that. Even at times when I knew I disappointed him, after I'd apologize he'd say to me, "Don't worry about it. I forgot all about it." So it went.

Many times as he would sit in the back of the church, I had the opportunity to talk with him. He made sure he always had time to talk to everyone. I surely miss him. Being close in age with him, he understood me & could relate when I just wanted to talk.

He fought a good fight of faith and always exhibited faith in God's Word. 

When Aubrey went home, two scriptures came to mind: 

To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. (2 Corinthians 5:8), and Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. (Psalm 116:15)

I remember Aubrey as a good husband to Barb. I know it was a big adjustment for them when they moved to Michigan. It was wonderful to witness their love grow deeper during the transition. At one of the ministry conferences, we all had so much joy sharing their 25th anniversary & witness their renewing their vows. What fun it was!

Sometimes in my mini talks with Aubrey, he would tell me how proud he was of Barb... How she just amazed him. If you ever had occasion to glance his way during a service, he appeared to hang on her every word. He loved the Lord & he truly loved his wife. It was wonderful to see.

I'll always remember Aubrey... He was a friend to me.

Audrey Ward of Chardon, OH

Aubrey was such a special person and a blessing to so many.  the first time I met him was at a Christmas party in Cleveland.  His name, though perhaps unusual for some, was easy for me to remember.  It was the name of my grandfather, whom I was named after.  When I surprised my parents by being a girl, they just changed the "b" to a "d"!


My most cherished memory of Aubrey was at the watchman conference when we had a teaching on "The Father's Heart," and healing from past hurts, rejections, & emotions.  During the ministry time, those who needed prayer were held / hugged by someone... that person representing the arms of our Heavenly Father.  Aubrey was that person for me.  I remember so vividly him holding me as I cried and cried.  I felt like a small girl again who so desperately needed to know her Daddy loved her, and to feel his arms around her.  Aubrey's frame and stature were so similar to my natural father, I really felt like it was Daddy.  The Lord erased all those past hurts that night and the have never returned.  God is so wonderful!  I praise and thank Him that He has set me free of so much, and I thank Him for using Aubrey that night, and for so many other times when Aubrey just showed he cared.

Tonya Sams of North Randall, OH

Mr. Aubrey was such a warm and loving person. He would always greet you with a friendly smile and a hug. He was loved and respected by everyone. Mr. Aubrey taught us all ,by example, what it meant to be a Man of God. It meant being a good friend, uncle, husband, leader, and most importantly, an awesome servant of God. Mr. Aubrey was definitely all these things and more. 

Donna Lockhart of Euclid, OH

Whenever I saw Mr. Aubrey, he always had a smile on his face. I did not know him as well as others, but Mr. Aubrey loved having his picture taken with his wife at the conferences. He did not know my name, but he knew me as "the lady who takes pictures." 

His smile would make you smile if you weren't already smiling, and his hugs were strong.  A smile and a hug from Mr. Aubrey made you feel welcome. 

Shannon Hendricks of Detroit, MI

When I first came to the ministry, I could feel the love from Mrs. Barb and Mr. Aubrey. I felt like Mr. Aubrey was a father to me because I didn't know my real dad. He was the father I always wanted. I really believe that God heard my cry when I was crying out to him to send a father figure to my life. Mr. Aubrey & Mrs. Barb filled that emptiness that my parents could not reach. I thank God for them both.

I remember on Sundays when we had praise and worship, I used to sit right behind Mr. Aubrey. He always told me he loved listening to my voice. I always felt loved by him. When I moved into my apartment, he asked me if I cooked, what I could cook and if it was good. I will always love Mr. Aubrey and I will never forget about him.

LaShawn Ramos of Detroit, MI

I didn't get the chance to know Mr. Aubrey as I would have liked to, but I loved him just as though I had known him all my life. Mr. Aubrey's smile would always turn a frown upside-down. I'm glad I had the time I did with Mr. Aubrey Williams. I'll miss him dearly.

Mr. Aubrey and I exchanged email addresses and he emailed me pictures from the 2001 conference. When I emailed him that I couldn't open them, he wrote me back and gave me all types of suggestions... but I still could never open the emails.